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Friday, February 16, 2018


Don’t be surprised when your dad or mom happily tells you that Prime Minister Najib Razak had called to wish them “Gong Xi Fa Chai”. As Malaysian ethnic-Chinese, like the rest of Chinese around the world, prepare for a family reunion dinner, Najib regime didn’t waste whatever little time left soliciting for votes from the Chinese community.
Of course, Mr. Najib didn’t personally call your parents. Even if he did, it’s hard to believe he was sincere. After all, this is the same person who had vowed to bathe his keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood. The so-called Najib’s private calls were from part-time workers paid by his propaganda team taking advantage of the Chinese Lunar New Year.
However, Najib’s propaganda team isn’t the only people trying to suck up to the ethnic-Chinese. MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), one of 13 component parties forming Barisan Nasional (National Front) coalition, has similarly shifted into top gear. While Najib’s team sends Chinese Lunar New Year greetings, MCA was entrusted to do some heavy-lifting.
Liow Tiong Lai - Najib Razak - Rosmah Mansor - Chinese New Year Huat Ahh Greetings
MCA is taking advantage of senior citizens, claiming that as a MCA member, they are entitled to free RM100 cash “angpow (monetary gift in red envelope)” as well as free general insurance protection. Your parents may bang their head against wall and beat themselves up, as they couldn’t remember they had ever joined the political party.
Still, your parents are required to go to MCA office such as Wisma MCA to get the goodies. Chances are they would be forced to attend some sort of brainwashing talks or photo ops for propaganda purposes. MCA also hopes that the bribes could entice some greedy and ignorant Chinese into registering as new member of MCA, and in the process increase its supporters.
The Chinese-based MCA party is often seen by the Chinese community as a lapdog of UMNO, a Malay-based dominant political party of which Mr. Najib is the president. As a running dog willing to do anything just for some crumbs, MCA was abandoned while opposition DAP gobbled as much as 90% of Chinese vote bank during election 5 years ago.
Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai
Wait a minute!! How did Najib Razak and MCA get hold of your parents’ contact number? Isn’t that an intrusion of privacy? Apparently, those folks from Najib propaganda team and MCA marketing team possess all the confidential data – including your parents’ identity card information, job or occupation, and even their old home address. What privacy?
It appears that Najib administration has failed to rally ethnic-Malay voters, even after the prime minister conspired with PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) to bring ancient Hudud Law to the country. Abdul Hadi Awang, president of PAS, was allegedly bribed RM90 million to leave the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat coalition to split the opposition parties.
Without solid Malay voters behind him, Mr. Najib has no choice but to fall back to a plan he doesn’t really enjoy. Dressed in Chinese traditional costume, he was forced to act like an idiot beating Chinese drum welcoming Lunar New Year. That drama, performed 5 years ago just before the 2013 general election, had won him several Oscars for being the dumbest and silliest leader from even his circle of supporters.
Najib Razak Beat Drum - Chinese New Year- 2
Najib Razak Beat Drum - Chinese New Year
With the 14th general election around the corner, Najib Razak has once again repeated the stunt. But he had learned his lesson well. This time, he didn’t beat any silly drum, but he still beats around the bush, claiming that he was grateful to the Chinese community for its role in nation-building, and has even given his assurance that no Malaysian will be left behind as Malaysia grows.
As he shamelessly talks about the Chinese tradition of reunion and the important roles played by Chinese brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in the economic growth, Mr. Najib conveniently forgets how he had unleashed Malay extremist and racist Red Shirt movement to intimidate the Chinese, even demanded the abolishment of vernacular schools – SJKC Chinese schools.
Heck, the Red Shirt thugs had threatened to terrorize Malaysia Chinatown – Petaling Street – if not for the timely intervention of former China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang, who deliberately paid a short visit to the Chinatown, sending a message to Najib regime that China would not tolerate violence, let alone bloody racial riots targeting the Chinese community.
UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education
Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown
The disgraceful MCA, on the other hand, could not even prevent the Red Shirt gangsters from threatening Chinatown, let alone protecting the Chinese community that it claims is representing. The same MCA had also played dumb when its boss PM Najib worked together with radical and extreme PAS to amend Act 355, otherwise known as Islamic Hudud Law.
Early this year, the impotent MCA and Gerakan (another component party of Najib administration) launched a joint assembly, a drama so rare that it gave rise to rumours that both struggling parties were testing water about a possible merger. Both parties begged the Chinese voters to wake up and not be fooled and cheated by opposition DAP.
Amusingly, MCA is still clueless that the Chinese voters have woken up since 2008 (12th general election). MCA President Liow Tiong Lai, whose wife was gifted a controversial RM600,000 Toyota Alphard MPV bearing registration number WSB 15 back in 2009, hopes that his party’s offer of RM100 cash and free insurance plan could prevent his party from going belly up.
Wee Ka Siong Crying in 2009 and Today
Wee Ka Siong, the MCA’s Deputy President who was booed, heckled and jeered, and narrowly missed a punch from  an “angry Uncle” in 2012, also hasn’t learned his lesson. Mr. Wee accuses Penang state government of corruption, when in fact he was involved in the PKFZ’s RM12 billion corruption scandal. Wee was caught crying like a baby when he lost in a coup against Ong Tee Kiat in 2009.
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There is one big difference between Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysian always say we have great potential, we have blah blah blah and if Malaysia could just do blah blah blah then we will be successful. It’s like that kid who fails every exam, and yet proclaim he is very smart, he has great potential, if he just put in effort in his study he will get straight A. But he never study, just empty talking. He still end up failing every exam.
Singapore never say they have great potential. On the contrary, what they say is, they actually have no potential. So they have to work hard to catch up with everyone else. When they decide to do something, they set a goal, they put in resources, and they press on until they make it.
See what set the difference? It’s the human. Malaysian need to do alot of reflection and soul searching or else things will just stay the same.
Writer: Joseph Kuan, lives in Singapore


Proton, the long-ailing Malaysian carmaker partly-acquired by China’s Geely last year, is under fresh scrutiny after Malay car dealers this week accused the company’s new management of being tone-deaf to affirmative action policies favouring the majority ethnic group.
The criticism prompted a key government minister to vow to intercede amid concerns the troubled carmaker could become a lightning rod for discontent against Prime Minister Najib Razak’s ruling coalition in upcoming polls.
Online, commentators panned the racially charged accusation as emblematic of a crutch mentality, while Proton – in the red for years – defended its cost-cutting measures at the centre of the controversy.
Geely’s 49.9 per cent acquisition of Proton last May was immediately followed by sweeping changes at the Malaysian carmaker, with vendors who provide parts asked to slash prices and dealers ordered to offer enhanced services.

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Proton was a brainchild of former strongman prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who is now the nemesis of current PM Najib Razak. Photo: Reuters
While the measures elicited grumbling within the industry, neutral observers say they were necessary for the company to return to profitability and arrest a reliance on government bailouts.
But Zainudin Abdul Rahman, the president of Pekema, the association of Malay vehicle importers and traders, in an interview suggested the new approach would force ethnic Malay or “bumiputra” dealers to close shop, and urged the government to intervene.
The bumiputra (sons of the soil) policy – in place since the early 1970s – offers wide privileges in business and education to ethnic Malays and tribespeople in Borneo, who together make up two thirds of Malaysia’s population of 31 million.
The government says the policy is necessary to bridge a wealth gap between the majority Malays and the local Chinese community, after racial riots in 1969.
“We ask that Proton and the government take note of the importance of the bumiputra agenda which is no longer a priority to the new Proton management,” Zainudin was quoted as saying in the influential Utusan Malaysianewspaper on Sunday.
Prime Minister Najib Razak (third from left) with Pekema president Zainudin Abdul Rahman (right) at one of the association’s events. Photo: Pekema
He added: “We see that Proton has strayed from its original objective. We are worried that Proton is being fully controlled by Geely.”
One of Pekema’s top grievances was the demand for Proton dealers to expand facilities in their premises to provide a so-called “3S” service of integrated sales, after-sale services, as well as sale of spare parts.
Zainudin claimed in the interview that bumiputra dealers lacked the financial resources to make the upgrade. “Non bumiputras” were poised to dominate the Proton dealership sector if the new policy was left unchecked, he said.
In a five-page response to Zainudin’s interview, Proton set out a detailed explanation for the new direction, and said it offered aid schemes to help dealers make the upgrade by 2020.
Online, commentators lampooned Zainudin for perpetuating a “crutch mentality” among the Malay dealers.
“Surely the bumiputras who are hardworking and have initiative shouldn’t find upgrading their outlets from 1S to 3S a problem,” wrote one reader on the Malaysiakini.com website.
“Only those who are waiting to be fed would face problems.”
The government, with eyes on polls in which the Malay vote is expected to be decisive, was more circumspect.
Trade and industry minister Mustapa Mohamed on Tuesday said the government was concerned by the complaint, and pledged to meet Pekema.
“Transformation has not always been a walk in the park … there will be parties who are going to be affected and the government is concerned about this issue,” Mustapa was quoted as saying in local media.
But with Proton in private hands, there is little the government can do, observers say.
Hezeri Samsuri, managing editor of motoring portal Careta.my, said Pekema’s accusations were perceived by the market as being part of an “arm twisting plot” to tap a special government endowment fund for soft loans.
Awang Azman Awang Pawi, a Malaysian political analyst, characterised Mustapa’s pledge as a “political move”.
“There is nothing he can do as this is a corporate matter,” the University of Malaya politics professor said.
Proton is majority-owned by DRB-Hicom, a conglomerate controlled by the Malaysian businessman Syed Mokhtar Albukhary.
A brainchild of the former strongman prime minister Mahathir Mohamad – now Najib’s nemesis – Proton was founded as a state-owned entity before it was passed into the stewardship of DRB-Hicom.
Still, it has regularly relied on government handouts to settle debts with vendors. In its heyday the carmaker accounted for some three quarters of new cars in Malaysia annually, but in 2016 that figure stood at just 12.5 per cent.
Mahathir-era protectionism policies favouring Proton played a large part in the company’s early success, experts say. The former leader last year bemoaned the sale of the company to Geely as “the beginning of the great sell out” of the country’s economy by Najib.
In its statement, Proton said the entry of Geely – which owns Sweden’s Volvo Group – gave the company a vital shot in the arm.
Declines in sales since 2000 had hurt investments in research and development, causing the company to fall behind its competitors in terms of technology and competitiveness, Proton said.
Geely will begin sales of its Boyue model in Malaysia later this year. Photo: AFP 
As part of the deal last year, Geely injected 170.3 million ringgit (US$40 million) into the Malaysian carmaker and later this year will begin sales of its Boyue model in the Southeast Asian country.
The introduction of the sports utility vehicle is seen as a key plank of the Chinese company’s master plan to revive Proton. “Proton reiterates its intention is to prosper instead of to burden the dealers. The journey is long haul,” the carmaker said in its statement
That the road ahead will be paved with politics is also becoming clear.
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LANGKAWI: A special allocation for the Indian community under the B40 category to make Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M) investment will be launched at the end of this month.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak (pix) when announcing the matter said a total of RM500 million would be provided for the purpose.
“We limit it to 5,000 units for each individual so that more members of the Indian community would benefit from it,” he said at the “Teh Tarik Session” with some 1,000 members of the Indian community here today.
During the tabling of the Budget 2018 on Oct 27 last year, the prime minister announced a new initiative to help the Indian community through a special distribution of 1.5 billion additional units of the AS1M, which is limited to 30,000 units per investor.
The distribution of the units began on Jan 29.
In addition, the government also allocated RM500 million for the period of five years under the special loan investment scheme for 100,000 Indian households under the B40 category.
Najib said this was only part of many other programmes being planned by the government to improve the standard of living of the Indian community in the country.
— Bernama


GEORGE TOWN: A video of a female security guard being beaten up by three disgruntled men on the eve of Chinese New Year has gone viral.
It is learnt the victim had refused entry to the assailants because they did not have the access card to enter the apartment she guards, in Bandar Baru Air Itam.
In the 8.30pm incident three visitors were in a car at the guard post trying to gain entry.
A friend of the assailants who came down to help diffuse the situation was then embroiled in an argument with the victim.
Netizen, Jeffrey Chua, who posted the video on Facebook said the visitors vented their frustration on being denied entry and became unruly, showing obscene gestures and shouting profanities at the victim.
Jeffrey who is also believed to be a resident at the apartment said the men then proceeded to assault the victim.
The female guard was pushed to the ground and then slapped by two men.
Residents who witnessed the incident intervened and managed to diffuse the row.
A police report has since been lodged at a police station nearby.
At the time of writing theSun is waiting for further information from police.
Below is a video of the incident: